How to Choose the Right Kindergarten or Preschool in Malaysia

It is time to pack up your little one and send them off to preschool or kindergarten for the first time. You know education is the road to success and that their formative years are important, but just where should you be sending your little ones off to learn their numbers and letters?

In Malaysia, there are several options on where your children should be taught, what they should be taught, and in what language they should be taught. Whether it be Kindergarten in Kuantan, Kindergarten in Mahkota Cheras, or Kindergarten in Sungai Long, the curriculum and the language may all be different. There’s a lot to consider but these are some of the things you should consider more than others.

1. Language

Malaysia is a multilingual country and has a wide variety of early education schools that are taught in a number of languages. What language would you like your child to be the best versed in? What language do you speak at home?

By answering these questions, you will have narrowed the field drastically. If you are hoping for a multilingual school or bilingual school, you should consider just how much your child is going to learn in this facility as each lesson may have to be taught anywhere from two to five times each day.

2. Budgeting

The second biggest thing in deciding the academic future for your children is deciding just how much you wish to spend on their education. Budgeting is important, since it allows you to create a spending plan for your little ones.

If there is one time to spend on your child’s education, it is here since beyond preschool it is likely your child will attend a government school for the majority of their education. So if you have the means to give them a good start at their academic career, now would be the time to give it to them.

Once you get a language and a cost associated with educating your little one, you need to begin to decide just how far you are willing to drive them each morning and then go to pick them up each afternoon. Will you be driving all the way to preschool in Kuantan, preschool in Mahkota Cheras, or preschool in Terengganu?

3. Transportation

Remember to factor in the driving radius; while it may be easy for you to wake up, have a coffee and get to work on short rest, your child needs more rest than you to ensure healthy growth and development both physically and mentally.

4. Teachers

Next, move on to getting to know more about the teachers. Whether it is Kindergarten in Kuala Terengganu, Kindergarten in Mahkota Cheras, or Kindergarten in Sungai Long, be sure to schedule a sit down with any potential educator, as not only do you have to trust them to teach your child, you also have to trust them to protect your child the whole time they are under their supervision.

The meeting, while at the end of the process, is often the most important. You have to feel comfortable leaving your child with this person. If you interview the teacher and do not feel like you can trust the teacher, it may be time to go all the way back to the beginning of the process and reconsider other schools within your price range and transportation radius.

5. Facilities

Once you conclude the discussion with the potential teacher, make sure to take note of the facilities around the preschool and kindergarten. Does the school have a safe playground? Do they have a reading room?

Every parent wants their children to learn and grow as a person and the best way to set that up is a diverse array of activities that may be unavailable to them at home.

Do you have more questions regarding the education of your little one?

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