The COVID-19 Pandemic, 10 Ways to Foster Good Hygiene Habits in Kids 病毒来袭,帮助孩子养成十大良好的卫生习惯


Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic causes huge panic globally, especially those with kids at home. Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that causing respiratory ailments. There is no vaccine or any specific treatment available. The virus spreads through coughing and sneezing, personal contact with an infected person or touching an infected surface, then touching the eyes, nose or mouth.

During this stressful time, parents are worried about kids’ health and safety. Rather than worrying and anxious, parents should teach their kids how to protect themselves. Let’s tell kids what to do to prevent virus infection and maintain community health.

  1. Frequent hand washing.
    • Wash for at least 20 seconds, suggest singing ABC alphabet songs while washing hands
    • Proper steps of handwashing:-
      Wash palms > Scrub each finger and between fingers > Rub back of hands and between fingers > Rub thumbs > Rub back of fingers > Scrub nails on palms > Wash wrist > Dry hands with a clean tissue
  2. Sneeze or cough into a tissue or one’s arm (do not cover mouth and nose with bare hands).
  3. Do not touch eyes, nose, and mouth (the virus can be transmitted through mucous membranes).
  4. Do not touch public facilities or shake hands (the virus can spread through contact).
  5. Stay at home.
  6. Wear a mask.
  7. The first thing after going home is to wash hands carefully with soapy water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  8. Do not share foods and tableware during school.
  9. Stay hydrated.
  10. Seek for doctor consultation immediately if one is ill.

Children understand the world through parents. For parents, modeling good hygiene and lead by example, such as frequent hand washing is the best way to get kids to do the same.

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  1. 勤洗手。
    • 至少清洗20秒,建议边洗手边唱ABC字母歌(差不多20秒)
    • 正确洗手:-
      洗手掌 〉洗手掌侧指缝〉洗手背侧指缝 〉 洗手指背 〉 洗拇指 〉 洗指尖 〉 洗手腕 〉 擦干手
  2. 打喷嚏或咳嗽时,用纸巾挡住口鼻,也可以抬起手肘来掩住口鼻(不可以用手挡住口鼻或者不遮挡口鼻)。
  3. 不要随意触摸自己的眼睛、鼻子和嘴巴(病毒可通过粘膜传染)。
  4. 在户外不要随意摸公共设施,也不要握手(病毒可通过接触传播)。
  5. 尽量不出门。
  6. 出门要戴口罩。
  7. 外出回家后的第一件事是认真用肥皂和清水或含有酒精的洗手液洗手。
  8. 上学期间不共食也不公用餐具。
  9. 保持身体水分充足。
  10. 生病马上就医。




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