Starway Professional Educare will help you to be a successful PRESCHOOL INVESTOR today.

You will be part owner of our preschools, growing strongly, managed and operated by a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in managing preschools.

Earn 8-12% PASSIVE GUARANTEED INVESTMENT RETURN PER ANNUM. Affordable investment to be part owner of our preschools, starting from as low as RM50,000.


  • Participate in EVERGREEN AND GROWING PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION INDUSTRY is always the best business decision, as parents prioritize their child's education and education spending per child is ever increasing. Education business will not be affected by economic downturn, which means you get the opportunity to participate in the preschool education business with investment from as low as RM50,000 , which will be very stable with recurring cashflow. 
  • Preschool invested will be FULLY MANAGED AND OPERATED by Professional & Experience Management enable you to save all your precious time from managing and operating the business day to day, including but not limited to time saved on setup, students enrolment marketing, teachers recruitment, building maintenance, etc. This means that you will not need to spend any of your time on any single part of the business, while receiving passive guaranteed investment return.
  • PROVEN EFFECTIVE & INNOVATIVE Curriculum, Learning Methodology, Autopilot Management System, Staff Management System & Marketing System so you can rest assured that the preschool that you will be investing in are being managed and operated using the top notch proven system developed in house, covering whole aspect of preschool business and operating perfectly for many years. This means that all our preschools will always stay ahead of our nearest competitors in terms of both operation and product offerings.
  • The only Legal Preschool Investment Programme which provide 8-12% PASSIVE GUARANTEED RETURN PER ANNUM allow you to enjoy stable recurring income straight away starting from Day 1 from our existing pool of preschools. You can have a piece of mind, safe in the knowledge that you will receive fixed income which will be paid out according to the contractual agreement signed, protected by Malaysian Government Laws and shares certificates issued by registered & reputable Company Secretary. 
  • LOWEST INVESTMENT AND BUSINESS RISKS by Investing directly into Existing Pool of Preschools with Proven Track Records will help you to reduce all the risks of starting up a brand new preschool or a franchised preschool. You will eliminate the risk of wasting money on paying rental while wasting time to setup new facility, recruit teaching staffs, student enrolment marketing, achieving breakeven point, etc. Hence, you will straight away invest in up and running preschools which have reached profitable stage.  


I have been interested to invest in Education Industry, but i do not have time to manage it. By investing in Starway Preschool Investment Programme, I'm able to continue my full-time work while reaping returns from the education industry.

Mrs Lim

While I was considering taking some other preschool franchise, I came across this Preschool Investment Programme. I realised that it would be better to join this programme, as most franchise programmes do not offer such complete management and operating system that based on reasonable & achievable financial forecast.

Ms Wong

Since I've been retiring, I had been searching for investment products which can generate passive income for my retirement plan. This programme just fit right into my whole retirement plan. Safe and stable.

Mdm Ong

Investing into this programme really helps out a lot in spreading risks. I'm able to spread my risk by investing into education industry, and whats best is risk elimination as we straight away get access to profitable setup instead of risking from scratch.

Mr Wang

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  • Investors who are interested to invest in Education or Preschool Industry
  • Investors who have the financial resources but lack of professional expertise to operate an educational setup
  • Investors who do not have time to manage the day to day operation of an educational setup
  • Investors or retirees who are looking for a stable and secured investment which provide passive guaranteed return
  • Existing Preschool Owners who would like to pass on your existing Preschool Setup & Operation to be managed and operated by us while receiving passive guaranteed fixed income in return


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    Ministry of Education Award Winner
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    > 30 years of experience, > 3000 students
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    Multiple Branches, Well Trained Teaching Staffs
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    Starway Designed World Class Curriculum, Methodology and Educational Technology
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    Students Recognise > 1000 words/language

Established in 1993, Starway Professional Group is one of the most successful and reputable private education institution that specializes in Pre-school Programmes, After-school Programmes, Enrichment Programmes and Tuition Programmes using our unique and proven teaching methodologies which produces more than 3000 graduates

For more than 20 years, research-led Starway Professional’s Board of Education which has over 50 Years of combined experience, relentlessly developing a holistic Starway Professional Curriculum which was delivered by the ever-updated Starway Professional Development Methodology. The incorporation of co-curricular activities and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based activities, anchored by the focus on character building grounded in the best of Eastern and Western values, provide the greatest culture and environment of excellence. With its rich tradition of excellence,  Starway Professional Group offers a truly exceptional developmental experience for all, with a strong foundation in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

Starway Professional Educare is a Professional Life Developmental Centre that develop children’s learning and developmental skills. It acts as a platform that organizes activities for everyone to discover and unlock their excellence in thought, word and deed. It aims to foster and mold every single individual that comes in, by identifying their potential and then nurturing them to grow into it.

The developmental activities organized on our platform are based on GREATEST CURRICULUM, GREATEST DEVELOPMENTAL METHODOLOGY and GREATEST CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT. Since its inception, a myriad of activities and events have taken place at Starway Professional Educare, building leaders, creative thinkers, Confident and Effective Contributors, Adaptable life-long learners, Independent, responsible and discipline individuals and also healthy, active and physically fit individuals.


Mr. Terrence Yeang SL,

Managing Director, Starway Group of Companies

​​​Mr Terrence started his career in education industry right after his Bachelor Degrees in Accounting and Finance.  He founded Starway Group of Companies and expanded from 1 learning centre to few learning centres. His forte includes children psychology, research & development in learning methodology & culture, reinventing business operation & management system, corporate culture, staff recruitment and retention system. 

Mr Terrence's vision is "Transform Lives". His leadership has earned Starway Professional Educare Sdn Bhd the 7K TOP Education Centre Awards by the Ministry of Education. He has personally transformed over thousands of students, and also invented the Development Leader concept to help transforming teacher profession into a profession with wider career advancement opportunities.

Mr Terrence is also the Managing Director of Starway Development Sdn Bhd which involves in property development, plantation & land banking.


The key to effectively teaching and leading students is a balance of communication skills, leadership skills, technical know-how, creativity and learning strategies. It requires patient, loving, passionate, responsible, highly motivated and trustworthy people to teach and lead effectively. These are the type of people that will teach and lead your child at STARWAY PROFESSIONAL EDUCARE.   

We have qualified Development Leaders from all walks of life to provide the best learning experience for your child. In order to ensure the quality of teaching and leadership provided at our respective centres, STARWAY PROFESSIONAL EDUCARE conducts numerous comprehensive in-house trainings to equip all our Development Leaders with the updated skills, latest resources and teaching methodology. We carefully select our team of Development Leaders and only those who are able to graduate from our trainings will be allowed to go down the field and develop all our children.



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    ALL the available ways to invest in an education business
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    The advantages and disadvantages of each available ways (Franchising, Licensing, etc)
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    Common Mistakes by most education business investor and how to avoid them
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    How to successfully invest and operate an education business

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